"When I have a camera in my hand I know no fear."  Alfred Eisenstaedt.

I'm a photographer and published author. No really its true. It's true because it says so up there at the top of the page. I live, love, and breathe in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. South East Asia has been my passion and my patch for a number of years now so I know my Dim Sums from my Durians and my Laksas from my Longans. I've also lived in Indonesia, Thailand, and South Africa. Yes I'm very lucky!

My work is focused on exploring stories that are so often passed by in today's monotonous mainstream media and I am especially interested in social and environmental related stories with a particular interest in identity and borders.

When I'm not taking pictures or writing about myself in the first person I'm spending time with my wife and our seven adopted cats that have traveled with us on all our adventures.

In 2016 I authored and published my first book entitled "Kingdom's Edge". Kingdom's Edge documents and explores daily life in the conflict zone of Thailand's deep south region. You can find more information about book and indeed the project itself as well as purchase information here.

I am a member of Wonderful Machine and The British Press Photographers Association.

Since 2017 I have been a contributing photographer with Alamy Images.

Stock photography by Richard Humphries at Alamy

Awards and Recognition

2017 PX3 (Prix De La Photographie Paris) Book Awards Honourable Mention. 

2015 Nikon International Photography Award 3rd Place Story Category.

2014 Neutral Density (ND) Awards Category Winner Special Photographer Of The Year.

2014 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Finalist.

2010 Leica LFI Documentary Award 2nd Place.

2009 The Foreign Correspondents' Club Of Thailand/On Asia Photojournalism Awards Honorable Mention.

2009 The British Press Photographers' Year Awards Honorable Mention.

2004 Nikon International Photography Award 3rd Place Documentary Category.


Photo©Jill Mellin-Humphries  

Photo©Jill Mellin-Humphries