book review

Kingdom's Edge book review in Mekong Review magazine.

Very strong and on point book review of Kingdom's Edge in Mekong Review Magazine written by Abby Seif. This review appears in Mekong Review no 8, the August 2017 issue of the magazine.

"Of borders, writes Humphries in his foreword: “I have always found them intriguing.” Indeed, it is the edges Humphries plays with best — the lines between past and present, dark and light, joy and tragedy, boredom and violence. Hopeful; hopeless." Abbey Seiff.

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Interview with Thai media about my motivations and experiences while shooting Kingdom's Edge.

Really nice to be interviewed in Chiang Mai recently by the Thai media about my experiences and motivations while shooting Kingdom's Edge. Thanks so much to Visaurt Sankam and "Thailand Photobook Lovers" for this opportunity. I always really enjoy sharing stories about my work and hope more opportunities to do so will arise in the future.